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Cable marking

AGICOM presents a wide range of machines for marking on cable. For over fifty years, we support professional and provide reliable solutions for industrial marking. For inclusion on cable, we present different technologies.

For an unalterable marking, we recommend several types of solutions. Laser marking is a modern technique that provides accurate and ecological inscription for a very long life.

The inscription on cabling can also be provided by a hot marking machine. This technology easy to use has the advantage of being unexpensive.

For a superficial marking solution, we recommend marking by inkjet. This technology allows a marking without contact with the projection distance of ink droplets.

CASE STUDY: LASER Marking for marking on silicone cables

Marking to perform: 

The customer would like to mark on fly alphanumeric datas on blue cables in silicone.

Caracteristics of the product to mark on : 

  • The cables are thin, we must not penatrate or blacken them
  • The marking is realised on fly, it has to be fast but not automated
green laser
cable marking

Our solution: laser marking

Advantages :

  • Mechanically or optically, the EV4GDS is robust for working in industries were there are chocs, dust and vibrations;
  • With his life expectancy of about 100 000 hours of working, it is the most reliable of its category;
  • It permits to mark 30 caracters in 2 seconds, with an excellent contrast, a good readability, without burn
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