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Ceramic marking

AGICOM offers of solutions for industrial marking, since more than 50 years. Our experts are at your disposal to study and solve your problem. We offer a selection of machines for ceramic marking.

For unalterable marking, we propose such solutions created by our partner TELESIS, one of the best manufacturers of tracking equipment. You can perform laser marking on ceramics.

Laser technology provides a rapid, simple and effective use, for marking on ceramic and most other types of surface (metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper, cardboard …). The laser marking has many advantages for productivity: ecological, low maintenance, long life, esthetic…

In the context of a surface marking, we recommend inkjet marking system. This remote marking technique involves no force on the support and can be applied to irregular surfaces.

Our range of REA-JET machine offers many possibilities depending on your business type. We offer solutions for high or very high resolution.

If you would like more information about our devices for marking on ceramic, please contact us.




Inkjet marking

Know more…

  • Easy and quick
  • Good for marking on fly
  • Keeps the piece intact
  • Strong contrast, allowing an excellent view
  • Superficial marking
  • Requires consumables
  • The pieces to mark must be in motion

Laser marking

Know more…

  • Flexible 
  • Good quality marking
  • Moderately expensive
  • Requires security measures

Dot pin marking

En savoir plus…

  • Flexible
  • Noisy
  • Few contrast

Picture of inkjet marking on a piece of ceramic

Picture of inkjet marking on a piece of ceramic.

Picture of laser marking on a piece of ceramic

Picture of laser marking on a piece of ceramic.

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