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concrete marking

Concrete marking

AGICOM is your the expert of industrial marking. Since over 50 years, we have been being by your side to find the perfect machines for your production line and your industry. We offer you machines for marking on concrete.

Our range includes TELESIS and REA-JET products, recognized manufacturers in the industrial marking business segment.

For an unalterable marking concrete, we recommend you laser technology. Laser marking consists in marking yours products by the reaction of a powerful beam. The system is easy to use with an accessible control software.

Laser marking offers you many advantages such as timeliness, little labor, very long life, environmentally friendly, high precision…

For marking on concrete, we also offer a selection of high resolution performance machines. These equipments use inkjet marking to identify blocks.

The inkjet technology permits to mark on irregular surfaces with a non-contact marking. Ours experts are at your disposal to define your needs and give you the suitable solution.

If you would like more information about ours devices for marking on concrete, please contact us.




Dot pin marking

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  • Flexible  
  • Noisy
  • Few contrast

Inkjet marking

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  • Easy and quick
  • Allows marking on fly
  • Keeps the pieces intacts
  • Strong contrats, allowing an excellent view
  • Marquage superficiel 
  • Consommables 
  • La pièces à marquer ou la tête de marquage doit être en mouvement 


Example of dot pin marking on some concrete

Example of dot pin marking on some concrete


Concrete marking is vrey often used in making buldings area. Adapted to this business segment, AGICOM proposes you marking machines that you can carry.

Example of inkjet marking on a piece of concrete

Example of inkjet marking on a piece of concrete.

Example of inkjet maring for cutting concrete

Example of inkjet maring for cutting concrete.

Click here to see case study on inkjet marking on beams

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