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The dot pin marking is based on a hollow deformation of the material caused by a punch. This last one is moved by a control unit with two stepper motors in X and Y directions, which allows you to draw characters, frames, logos, or Datamatrix codes.

The punch striking is generated either electrically or pneumatically, which is generally more powerful and enables deeper markings.

Matérials Applications fields
  • Automotive
  • Metal or plastic pieces used in aerospace industry
  • Mechanical structure
  • Identification plates marking
  • 2D Data Matrix Codes marking
  • Telesis is the US leader for dot pin markers. Since 1971 Telesis accumulated unmatched world wide experience with clients such as Volvo, Ford, Smart, Snecma, NTN, Renault, VCST, DAF, Air France / KLM and many others.
  • Its patented technology allows peen marking irregular or curved surfaces.
  • It also reduces maintenance by limiting the used parts (no spring) and allows easy and fast punch exchange.
  • High speed marking up to 16 char / sec due to multi punch.
  • Wide range of punches available allowing, for example, very deep marking
  • Autonomous controller (without PC connection) or with PC control
  • The controller’s memory is extended to up to 200 marking patterns
  • Great accessibility thanks to its articulated arm
  • Marking straight, arcuate or angled
  • Variable marking, durable, flexible: part numbers, date codes, serial numbers incremented, graphics, logos, 2D Data Matrix codes. Round parts, flat, concave, convex etc. flexible marking.
  • Flexibility and autonomy: it is possible to mark either hard materials (up to 60 HRC) or soft ones such as thermoplastic and even wood.
  • Automation setting possible via RS232/485 serial, Ethernet, and input / outputs: All or Nothing

Range of machines for dot pin marking

TELESIS Integrated/Jig Machine Range:

  • TMP1700/1700E
  • TMP3200/3200E
  • TMP4500E
  • TMP6100/6100E
dot pin marking machine TMP1700 by TELESISwww.telesis.com/integration

TELESIS Mobile Pistol Range:

  • TMP4210
  • TMP4500E
  • TMM4215
pistol TMP4210 for dot pin marking

TELESIS Multi-Punches Range:

  • TMM4200
  • TMM4215
  • TMM4250
  • TMM5100
  • TMM5400
  • TMM7200
dot pin marking machine TMM4250


  • BM200
  • BM320
  • BM460
Dot pin marking machine BM200 www.telesis.com/benchmark

New TELESIS Pistol for dot pin marking:

Mobil Pistol NOMAD 4000 Battery Power

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