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Hot marking consists in putting into contact the marking surface with a heating block equipped with a marking system (engraved block, character carrier case, numbering mark). The move of the marking system is made either manually by a lever, either by using a pneumatic cylinder. If a heat transfer film is interposed between the marking head and the part, a color transfer is carried out.

  • Without machine transfer: embossing or burning.
  • Transfer marking: colored marking in the material.


It is possible to perform hot marking on several materials.

Materials Application fields
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Carton
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Meat or other food products


  • Plastic
  • Construction and furnishing
  • Leather industry
  • Promotional or commercial items


hot marking on parts


Hot marking is a good technique for many reasons: 

  • Unalterable marking
  • Easy to use (does not require training)
  • Perfect esthetics in color if necessary ( enables the setting of gold, silver or colored  films)
  • Economic


Manual systems for hot marking:

Range of hot marking machines

  • K 400: 180 W Maximum diameter of engraving : 50 mm
  • K 1000: 200 W Maximum surface of engraving : 85 x 64mm
  • K super 1000: 400 W Maximum surface of engraving: 85 x 64 mm
  • K 2000: 400 W Maximum surface of engraving: 135 x 64 mm
  • K 3000: 800 W Maximum surface of engraving: 175 x 64 mm
  • K super 3000: 1260 W Maximum surface of engraving: 175 x 64 mm
  • KSIRIUS : this device is equipped with a maximum seven scroll wheel dialer with fonts of maximum 20 mm.
  • Chiffrier K 259: equipped with a bronze ring of 10 figures by 10 mm. 250 W.
Hot marking machines :

Hot marking machines

The machines for hot marking are differentiated by:

  • Marking surfaces : 60 x 80 (S5 seria and S2) or 150 x 140 ( S6 seria and S1
  • The presence or absence of an automatic dispenser of hot film transfer
  • The quantity of pieces to be marked : manual or pneumatic machine
  • The use of the machine : on a workbench (with base and column) or integrated into a production line (modular units)

According to the needs, we have two types of machines.

Manual machines :

Manual hot marking machine

  • Without color transfer: S5CN and S6CN
  • With color transfer: S5C and S6C
Pneumatic machines :

Pneumatic hot marking machines

  • With simple bimanual control and color transfer S2CB/S1CB1CB
  • With bimanual control and time-lag S2CBT / S1CBT
  • With simple bimanual control S2CNB / S1CNB
  • With time-lag bimanual control S2CNBT / S1CNBT
Modular units with or without color transfer

For performing hot marking with or without color, we provide two types of modular units:

modular unit for hot marking

  • Without color transfer : S7UPC, S13UPC, S14UPC, S15UPC
  • With color transfer : S2UC, S1UC



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