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In ink coder technique, the marking is executed by contact between a rubber support character and the part to be marked. An inking system has previously filed a little ink on the characters and the ink is transferred to the workpiece when there is contact.

Materials Application fields
  • Packaging Industry
  • Paper and cardboard Industry
  • Automotive parts
  • Flexible and economical solution suitable for a wide variety of technical supports
  • Marking while parts moving or not moving
  • Marking codes, dates, references, texts, logos on most porous or non-porous supports
  • Text changing simple and easy due to the use of text characters snap-on
  • Very low maintenance



Ink coder marking on motionless part :

rotary manual coder  mini pneumatic coder

Ink coder on moving parts :

rotary ink code for moving parts

  • MI rotary encoders for porous support
  • Rotary encoders with fast-drying ink / CLP
AGICOM provides accesories for ink coder marking:

accesories for ink coder marking

  • Characters by unit
  • Characters sets (numbers, letters, signs)
  • Customized logos (constant texts …)
  • Logos


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