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Inkjet marking makes it possible to carry out rapid and very aesthetic markings on many materials like metals, wood, plastic, rubber, concrete …. Our inkjet machines guarantee the traceability of industrial products thanks to text printing, barcodes, Datamatrix codes, logos ..

Our range of inkjet marking machines

Discover our range of marking machines suitable for every industrial needs.

REA JET DOD 2.0 - inkjet marking large characters

Combining efficiency and speed, REA JET DOD 2.0 embodies the future of large character inkjet marking. Using “plug and print” technology, it is able to print large characters and quickly.

REA JET HR - high resolution inkjet marking

REA JET HR is  the most powerful in high-resolution inkjet printing. Compact and robust, it is suitable for bearing industrial environments and works with thermal inkjet technology.

REA JET SC 2.0 - deviated inkjet

REA JET SC 2.0 embodies the new generation of small-character inkjet machines. It is equipped with deviated inkjet technology and complies with industry 4.0 standards. 


With its range of nozzles, the standard REA JET ink jet machine can mark characters up to 134 millimeters in height.


Equipped with piezoelectric technology, REA JET GK inkjet machine can simultaneously mark up to 42 lines of text. It offers a very good quality of marking and an excellent level of reliability.


Compact version of  standard REA JET,  REA JET LC inkjet machine can mark characters up to 27 millimeters in height.

Materials to be marked
Industrial fields
  • Packaging and outer-packaging on automatic packaging lines
  • Produced or continuously conveyed products
  • In general, all continuous producing process (cables, pipes, films, plates …)
  • Automated or robotized productions, plastics, manufacturing (metal wood, cement ….
Inkjet marking on wood

Wood marked by inkjet

Carcaters marked on rubber by inkjet

Carcaters marked on rubber by inkjet

Inkjet marking on packaging

Inkjet marking on packaging

Inkjet marking on PCV

Inkjet technology on PCV

platics cable marked by inkjet marking

Platics cable marked by inkjet printing

Inkjet marking on tires

Tires marked by inkjet


Inkjet marking is achieved by a remote projection of small drops of ink on the piece in the direction of the writing. All our machines for marking by inkjet create a curtain of drops vertically. On the other hand, markings can be made in both directions by changing the position of the printing heads.

We have different inkjet technology that meets the needs:

  • Large caracters inkjet printing with the on-demand inkjet technology
  • Very high definition small character printing;
  • Large and high definition inkjet printing.

All these machines are made by our partner REA JET, inkjet specialist.

  • Marking without contact, therefore no exerting force on the support
  • Irregular and flexible surfaces marking
  • Particularly well suited for displacing product marking, even at high speeds
  • Great flexibility because electronics combined to computers can easily handle any type of variable message (no tools related to marking)
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