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laser marking


Laser marking consists of marking a part with a laser beam. Currently, there are three major technologies of laser engraving on the market: CO2 laser, fiber laser, solid crystal laser.


The laser beam is guided by a system of reflecting mirrors controlled by the PC, which enables the scanning of a marking area. The beam is focused on the surface to be marked through an optical lens, so as to concentrate the energy on a very small area.

This causes various physical and / or chemical reactions (oxidation, engraving, burning …) according to the settings of the laser. The software for controlling XY axis can generate any combination of characters, graphics, barcodes or 2D Datamatrix code.

Photographic marking types may be obtained by the use of judicious raster creating “gray scales”.

These laser manufactured by Telesis, American leader for micro-percussion marking and laser, are optimized for high-speed, stationary or “flying” marking, due to the use of a particularly reliable self-diagnostic scanner.

Applications fields
  • Uniform marking and constant depth
  • Unalterable material. No change in size or embossed material.
  • Fast: the process of marking usually takes up to a few seconds
  • Very accurate and aesthetic : texts, logos, graphics, barcode and 2D Data Matrix codes, high quality marking
  • Very low maintenance, very long life lasting
  • Repeatability
  • Very flexible to use, it can be controlled via a computer link
  • Ecological (neither ink nor solvents)
  • Marks practically all materials: metals, polymers, elastomers, ceramics, composites
  • Can mark objects on pause, stop or moving on a conveyor (“on the fly”)

Laser technology enables long-lasting and very aesthetic markings, with great flexibility on almost all materials. TELESIS, world leader in tracking technologies, operates the latest technology in laser marking. It was the first to exploit the fiber laser technology for marking applications and continued to develop over the years faster, better tested and more robust lasers. Thousands of manufacturing environments are using them daily, worldwide. Whether you choose Fiber, CO2, or solid crystal technology, TELESIS lasers are available with a wide range of standard enclosures or they can be integrated to your production lines according to your specifications. All TELESIS products, whether standard or custom, are supported by a global network of distribution and services experienced professionals.

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