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There are systems with an internal impact mechanism. The strike is not produced by the power of contact when the head is descending onto the support but from the accumulation of energy in a compression phase of the striking tool, then from the rapid release of this energy.

In order to impact, the machines are equipped with:

  • Character holders and commutable characters
  • Manual or automatic dialers
  • Engraved punches
Matérials Applications fields
  • Mechanical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Locksmithery
  • Permanent embossed marking
  • Quality standards of marking even on the hardest steels
  • Low- maintenance
  • No training required
  • Large possibility of marking: text, logos, numbers…
  • Perfect repetitiveness of the marking power
  • Fast change of marking references
  • Efficiency, simple, robust and very fast

range of SOMAUT marking by impact machines



Marking by impact machines:

  • Manual machine on jigs, with a impact force from 600 kg up to 6 tons: S4, S5, S6
  • Pneumatic machine on jigs, with a impacting force from 600 kg up to 10 tons: S10, S2, S1, S15
  • Modular units to integrate on automatic machine :
      • Mechanical: striking force from 500 kg up to 10 tons: S4UM, S5UM, S6UM, S15UM
      • Pneumatic: striking force from 600 kg up to 10 tons: S7UP, S13UP, S14UP, S16UP
      • Pneumatic with detection of jacks position: impacting force from 600 kg up to 7.5 tons, S22, S23, S24.
Marking by impact tools :


  • Set of characters :
    characters box for marking by impact
  • Dialers :
    dialers for marking by impact
  • Characters holder:
    Characters holder for marking by impact
  • Customized engraved blocks :
    Customized engraved blocks for marking by impact


Manual marking systems by impact :


Impact marking  :

marks to hit

        • Capital alphabets and numbers from 1 to 20 mm
        •  Lowercase alphabets from 1 to 10 mm
        •  Alphabets and set of mini-stress balls characters from 3 to 20 mm
        •  Control marks
        •  Customized striking marks according to clients plan
Set of commutable characters with character holder :

characters box

          • 100 characters
          • 20 wedges from 1 to 10 mm
          • a characters case
          • a 6-point hex key
          • a tweezers
          • a security handle.


Sirus dialer :sirus dialer for marking by impact
        • Body and wheels steel and nickel treated.
        • 6 wheels of 11 divisions (0 to 9, plus neutral)
        • Digit height : 2 – 3 – 4 mm.
        • Marking width :
          Characters of 2 mm : 11,5 mm.
          Characters de 3 – 4 mm : 17,5 mm
        • Weight : 0,460 kg.
        • Dimensions (without fixing shank): 52mm long x 30mm large x
          45mm height.
        • Comes in a plastic suitcase box with a key to unlock the handle.
        • Wheels with letters on request.
        • Suitable for our S4 marking by striking machines using the corresponding fixing rod.
        • Special versions on request.
Automatique punch :

automatique punch

          • Comes with an interchangeable tip with engraved end
          • Adjustable striking power by scrolling the knurled head
          • Load trigger : 11 kg minimum , 22 kg maximum
          • Plastic cap for hand protection
          • Chrome body

Properties of the engraved interchangeable tips available as an option:

        • 90MCV 8 steel treated at 59 – 61 HRC
        • Reversed cut embossed engraving :
        • Height : 2,5 – 3 – 3.5 – 4 mm
        • Text : A – Z, 0 – 9, or symbols from the attached table
        • Weight : 150 g
Vibrogravers :

These devices allow a manually engraving just like using a pen :vibromarker

          • Pneumatic vibrograver : works under 2 to 8 bars, depending on the hardness of the surfaces to be marked
          • Electrical vibrograver: the vibrations are electrically produces (220 V – 12V)


Bow pencil :

bow pencil

This device enables the writing by flashing on high hardness metals. A current transformer transmits current to the bow-pencil equipped at its tip with an electrode, the workpiece to be marked has the same mass of the device


Marking pistol by impact :

These pistols enable a portable way of embossed marking within a superior quality and power than the manual marking by impact.

S20 pistol for marking by impact

Pistolet S20 :

Pneumatic. It uses character case and standard commutable characters. Generally, it suits for 8 characters of 5 mm (it depends on the hardness of the material to be marked)

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