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Metallurgy Marking


marking in mettalurgy

The marking in the metal trades has features that are constraints:

  • The pieces are massive, difficult or impossible to handle,
  • A state of very plain surface markings requiring large area
  • marking high temperatures, or subsequent heat treatments can significantly degrade the markings
  • The need to sometimes have deep marks, able to resist subsequent mechanical treatments (sand blasting, shot blasting, galvanizing, painting ….)
  • A heavy industry environment, requiring very robust materials, resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity, dust …
  • In this area as in many others, the marking is variable (text, numbers, DATAMATRIX codes …) and transmitted in real time by the client computer system

In the particular case of the marking in the steel industry is added the constraint of carbonized surface, often very dark, which require the use of clear pigmented inks (white, yellow, etc.) with a greater coverage than conventional inks.

Considering these constraints, AGICOM, machinery and product marking expert for over 50 years, offers different solutions to answer them:

If you would like more information about our marking devices, please contact us.

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