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paper marking

Paper marking

Discover AGICOM solutions for marking on paper. Our specialists are at your disposal to select the most adapted machines to your needs. For over 50 years, we have been distributing machines for industrial marking.

We provide machines engineered by a leader of traceability, TELESIS. Our experts propose you several types of technology for paper marking. For an unalterable marking, we advise you to opt for laser marking.

This technology is highly effecient for precise and aesthetic marking on most materials, particularly paper. The laser beam is guided by means of mirrors and PC software. In contact with the surface to be marked, a physical reaction is caused which allows making the paper.

Moreover, we offer other solutions such as paint jet marking. This technique works with compressed air for rapid drying.

You can also opt for marking dots and strips. This method is used for the markings spot or band (black or color).

We provide solutions for paper marking for all business segment, including the identification of packaging.

If you would like more information about our devices for marking on paper, please contact us.




Inkjet marking

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  • Simple and quick
  • Good for marking on fly
  • Keeps the piece intact
  • Strong contrast, allowing an excellent view
  • Superficial marking
  • Requires consumables
  • The pieces to mark must be in motion

Hot marking

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  • Simple to use 
  • Less expensive
  • Very esthetic (allows to deposit gold, silver or colored film)
  • Lack of flexibility

Laser marking

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  • Flexible 
  • Good quality marking
  • Unalterable
  • Moderately expensive
  • Requires security measures


Illustration of hot marking with color transfer on paper

Illustration of hot marking with color transfer on paper

Paper marking is the most widespread and the most used technique in the majority of industrial business segments. AGICOM proposes you machines enabling to perform different types of marking, including bar codes, 2D and data matrix codes.


Illustration of inkjet marking on porous paper

Illustration of inkjet marking on porous paper.

Illustration of hot marking with color transfer on embossed paper

Illustration of hot marking with color transfer on embossed                                          paper.

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