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Cylindrical parts marking : 

In roll marking, the part to be marked is placed on a 2 rolls or a threaded pivot bracket (low hollow wall parts). The marking machine (characters holder + commutable characters, engraved block, dialer), mounted on dovetail, will come into contact with the perimeter of the part and roll while marking deeper or milder according to the selected tightening.

This movement is either manual (lever at the top) or motorized (electric).

Plane parts marking:

For marking plane parts, the part to be marked is fixed under the marking tool. This last one (characters or engraved wheel, dialer, barre…), rolls over the fixed part and marks it milder or deeper depending on the selected tightening.

Matérials Applications fields
  • Uniform and constant depth marking
  • A large penetration of the engraving
  • Very robust machines, designed to produce in series
  • Wide range of materials
  • Very low maintenance
  • The work is done without shocks

Vertical roll marking machines

Range of vertical machines for roll marking

  • Manual vertical machines : S3, S9
  • Vertical motorized machines, with or without synchronized lifting of the table: S9M, S3M, S3AP, S9AP, S3APM
  • Strengthened for deep marking machines: S3MBR, S3APMR
  • Continuous profiles marking machines (round, hexagonal, flat, …): S3MC
  • A modular version that allows integration into automatic lines: S11U

Horizontal roll marking machines 

Horizontal machine for roll marking

  • S3MO : with only one electric movement of the marking head
  • S3APMO : with a pneumatic and synchronized ascent of the worktop
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