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Rubber marking

For rubber marking, AGICOM offers suitable and effective techniques. Since over fifty years, we have been offering  high quality solutions for industrial marking and identification products.

For a marking on elastomers like rubber, we recommend effective methods of unalterable marking. Laser marking is a technique that allows a careful work on many surfaces including elastomers.

Therefore, it is possible to realise a marking on the rubber with the focused laser beam which focuses the energy and a chemical reaction for marking.

Another unalterable technique for rubber marking: hot marking. It’s the fact of using a heating unit with a marking tool that tackes onto the target surface. The heat will soften up the material and marking will be possible. A color marking is possible with specific film transfer.

AGICOM offers you solutions for surface marking on rubber. We present paint jet marking machines.

This compressed air technique is especially useful for marking very large identification signs on important parts.

If you would like more information about our devices for marking on rubber, please contact us.




Hot marking

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  • Easy to use 
  • Less expensive
  • Very esthetic (allows to deposit gold, silver or colored film)
  • Lack of flexibility

Laser marking

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  • Flexible 
  • Good quality marking
  • Moderately expensive
  • Requires security measures

Inkjet marking

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  • Simple and quick
  • Good for marking on fly
  • Keeps the piece intact
  • Strong contrast, allowing an excellent view
  • Superficial marking
  • Requires consumables
  • The pieces to mark must be in motion

Example of hot marking with color transfer realised on some rubber

Example of hot marking with color transfer realised on some rubber  .

Example of laser marking  realised on some rubber

Example of laser marking  realised on some rubber.

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