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TELESIS is the U.S. leader for scratch marking. Since 1971 TELESIS accumulated unmatched worldwide experience with clients such as Volvo, Ford, Smart, Snecma, NTN, Renault, VCST, DAF, Air France / KLM and many others.


This marking system inscribes indelible characters on a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum and plastic.

Scratch marking is made by a punch which is pressed into the surface to be marked and which moves in the X / Y axis in order to draw continuous characters. The shape, size and location of the characters entered by the user are determined by means of the software system.


TELESIS TeleScribe Scratch Marking:

  • SC2000 with a marking window of 75× 40mm
  • SC2500 with a marking window of 100 × 40mm
  • SC3500 with a marking window of 100 × 150mm
  • SC5000 with a marking window of 190 × 63mm
  • SC3700 high speed marker with a marking window 152x 50 mm

TELESIS SC500 and SC500 for scratch marking        


Matérials Applications fields
  • Silent: runs with a maximum of 72 dB
  • Efficient: large marking window
  • Fast: 2 characters / second for a character of 3mm high
  • Easy and simple integration on a production line
  • Economic: No consumables
  • Aesthetic marking
  • Easy to use: simple interface
  • The controller memory is extended to up to 200 marking patterns
  • Autonomous controller (without PC connection) or with PC control
  • Straight, on arc or inclined between 0 ° and 359° marking
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