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wood marking

Do you want perform wood marking in your business? AGICOM is the expert of industrial marking. We propose you a range of machine for marking on wood, using different technics.

We have different devices for marking on wood. For a high quality precision and unrivaled execution speed, you can opt for CO2 laser marking.

For working on uneven or curved surfaces, we recompmand Dot pin marking machines. They can mark in larger quantities as marking by impact machines. But these are even simpler to use and require few maintenance.

AGICOM offers a solution for wood marking and marking on cardboard. Find more hot marking machines (hollow or colored in the matter).

For marking on wood, we also distribute many types of equipment like inkjet or paint jet.

Ours solutions are adapted to many sectors of industries such as aeronotics, automotive, metallurgy, packaging

If you would like more information about ours devices for marking on wood, please contact us.




Hot marking

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  • Simple to use 
  • Less expensive
  • Very esthetic (allows to deposit gold, silver or colored film)
  • Lack of flexibility

Inkjet marking

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  • Simple and quick
  • Good for marking on fly
  • Keeps the piece intact
  • Strong contrast, allowing an excellent view
  • Superficial marking
  • Requires consumables
  • The pieces to mark must be in motion

Marking by impact

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  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Lack of flexibility

Laser marking

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  • Flexible 
  • Good quality marking
  • Unalterable
  • More expensive
  • Requires security measures
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